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Basic thorough house cleaning

Scrub, wipe and polish all surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms except walls and windows. Dust from ceilings to floors, vacuum all floors, dust mop all bare floors. Empty trash. Miscellaneous as needed. Basic cleaning normally does not include polishing furniture, cleaning the insides of cabinets, oven, refrigerator or closets or vacuuming under heavy furniture or beds that my equipment won't fit under, or vacuuming the edges of wall to wall carpet with the crevice tool. I can tailor the clean to your wishes, however.

Flash Cleaning

Quick dust, thorough vacuum on all exposed floors, dust mop bare floors. Spray and wipe non-cluttered areas of kitchen counters, scrub and polish sink and stove top. Scrub bathroom sinks and commodes as needed. Spray, wipe and polish sinks, commodes, baths, shower stalls, mirrors and bathroom counters. This approach only uses soapy scrubbing where necessary and I don't move anything or get into corners that aren't easily accessible. This is a deliberate 80% thorough clean that takes approximately 50% of the time of a standard clean and gets up about 90% of the dirt. The best bang for the buck!

Restorative deep cleaning

Scrub, wipe and polish all surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms including walls. Clean interior windows, including window tracks and screens. Clean inside of oven, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and cabinets and normally hidden sides of all moveable appliances. Remove toilet seats, clean and replace. Dust from ceilings to floors, vacuum all floors including crevice tool on edges of all wall-to-wall carpets. Scrub and dust mop all bare floors, including under refrigerator, stove, washer, drier and any other moveable appliances. Dust, and dust mop inside closets. Clean stains, grout, etc. This is the kind of clean we all wish would happen before we move into a new place. Great once a year "spring cleaning."

As with all things, regular cleaning keeps dust and dirt from building up and becoming a real cleaning challenge that requires a lot of elbow grease to deal with.

Tools and Products

I bring all my own tools and non-toxic supplies unless there is a specific tool or non-toxic product you want me to use.

Fixed Price or Hourly?

After performing three hourly rate cleans I can give a fixed price, if you prefer. Then, if there are special areas that you want me to address with deep or restorative cleaning those get added on at the hourly rate.
Usually a first clean takes a bit longer, both because there is more dirt and because I  develop routines for each house that speed up the process as I get to know my way around.
I recommend just having me do a routine clean first. Then I will be able to give you a list of areas that would benefit with deeper attention and you can consider how you would like to approach those areas, if at all.
A fixed price tends to put everyone at ease, as long as there is a clear understanding that extra tasks you assign me will be billed hourly and added on.

Personalizing Your Cleaning Cycle

The advantage of regular cleans either weekly, bi-weekly (the most common) or monthly, is that over time the ambient dust load in a house is significantly reduced. With some simple practices, like removing shoes at the door and toweling off wet doggy feet, the overall dirt in a house will become much less over time. (Except for dust buildup in bathrooms which is a function of lint from towels and toilet paper, and some beauty products.) I can help you decide how frequently and how deeply it makes sense to clean, based upon the use patterns of your home. There is no point in cleaning things that are clean already. Many clients opt for a flash clean between monthly regular cleans with a little time tacked on to tackle deep cleaning tasks as needed.

Tidying Before I Clean

Tidying is another thing. The houses that get the most cleaning for the buck are the ones that get tidied before I come and where no one is home while I clean. Every object I have to move to clean under or behind makes the cleaning quite literally take twice as long. I’m happy to do it, just like I am happy to clean dishes if that is what you need help with. Generally I won’t be as efficient at tidying as you who knows where everything goes would be, but I am willing to do that also.

Give Me a Call!

I am very happy to talk on the phone and visit your home to come up with a plan that fits your needs. Call or text me at buy Pregabalin uk next day delivery 360-302-1356. Or contact me via e-mail at why not find out more froghill@olympus.net.

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