Green Man House Cleaning

Your home is your sanctuary.

Keeping it clean and free of toxic chemicals is our mision.

We offer three levels of professional  cleaning: fast and furious, standard and restorative deep cleaning.

All of our cleaning products are state-of-the-art toxic chemical free. We use tasteful amounts of 100% organic or wild-crafted essential oils in some of our custom cleaning solutions for anti-microbial action. A scent free cleaning option is also available.


Green Man House Cleaning

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Green Man Foodscaping

The landscape surrounding your home is your most personal connection to the natural world.

Designing and maintaining landscape elegance, beauty and accessibility without the use of pesticides and herbicides is what we do.

We also like to incorporate food, medicine, fiber, dye and native plants into our "foodscape" designs.

We use proven organic, biodynamic and natural farming techniques that support a healthy biological landscape ecosystem while building healthy, fertile soil.

Green Man Foodscapes

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Nature Programs

Wild places provide us with renewal.

We are committed to enhancing the health of these places and the depth of well being and connection that they  provide.

We volunteer our time and resources to ecological restoration projects in our region, and encourage our clients to do so as well.

We also offer immersion learning programs in nature to youth and adults in the form of programs, camps and guided expeditions.

Nature Programs

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The Earth Is Our Habitat

If humans were given original instructions, first among them would be to care for the places and communities we inhabit with gratitude, sensitivity, kindness and respect, mindful of passing on to future generations places abundant with rich biodiversity, clean water and clean air.

Using these instructions as guidelines, we provide reliable, professional, best practices house cleaning and landscaping services to our clients.

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